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Item Detail

Il filamento EasyCork di FORMFUTURA è un filamento in PLA based filament which is gravimetrically filled with approximately 30% cork fibres. The gravimetric filling with relatively lightweight cork fibres means that EasyCork has extremely high volumetric cork filling properties, allowing you to 3D print beautiful objects with great cork-like aesthetics and cork-like properties such as being lightweight and impact resistant.
EasyCork is a very easy to print material as it is based on our EasyFil PLA compound and the 30% gravimetrical filling with cork fibres make the filament absolutely warp-free.


Unique features

  • High cork filling

  • Real cork feel, look and smell
  • Very easy to print

  • Warp-free printing
  • Great thermal stability and filament flowing behaviour
  • Perfect first- and inter-layer adhesion
  • Can be printed at high printing speeds
  • Lightweight and impact resistant


Il filamento EasyCork di FORMFUTURA è un filamento in PLA


Spool outside diameter: 0mm
Spool hole diameter: 0mm
Width: 0mm
Net weight: 0,5kg
Gross weight: 0kg
Filament lenght: 
Spool width: 0
Packaging: -

Item number: 175ECORK-DRK-0500
Features: EasyCork
Made in: Holland
Material: PLA
Color: SCURO
Nozzle temperature : 210° - 260°
Plane temperature: 0° - 0°
Print speed: 0 - 0

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