FILAMENTO PER STAMPA 3D HT WHITE Effective Diameter 1,75 mm Spool Weight 700 grams of filament

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Item Detail

Il filamento STANDARD di COLORFABB è un filamento in HT

This is not an off- BIANCO color, but the most intense BIANCO we could achieve.

At COLORFABB  we have a well equipped 3d printing studio with a lot of popular 3d printers. We know our materials will give you excellent results and to help you get these results here are tips and trick for using COLORFABB  3d printing filament.

 -Adviced 3d printing temperature:
-Adviced 3d print speed:
30 - 50 mm/s
-Advised Heated bed
-Build platform
COLORFABB STANDARD HT gives best results on a heated build platform, 100C to about 120C is usually needed for proper adhesion to a glass plate. When this is not enough it’s possible to use buildTak plate for stronger adhesion

Il filamento STANDARD di COLORFABB è un filamento in HT


Spool outside diameter: 0mm
Spool hole diameter: 0mm
Width: 0mm
Net weight: 0,7kg
Gross weight: 0kg
Filament lenght: 
Spool width: 0
Packaging: -

Item number: 8719033555419
Features: STANDARD
Made in: Holland
Material: HT
Nozzle temperature : 250° - 280°
Plane temperature: 100° - 120°
Print speed: 30 - 50

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